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If an addict is convinced that their drug abuse should remain a secret, the do not know how to reach out for help. Too many people suffer silently and unnecessarily from drug abuse. Addicts frequently try quitting by using the strength of their mind, but this doesn’t usually work out well. Drug rehab centers are staffed with skilled substance abuse experts that have ears of experience and are compassionate. They know how to address drug addiction using scientifically proven rehab methods. Rehab professionals are aware that addiction is a disease, and not a decision, even though it is common for the general population to see drug users as people who choose to be addicted.

But if dependency isn’t a decision, then what is it? Substance abuse disorder is believed to be a life-long sickness, and is recognized by medical doctors and psychiatrists as such. It can be managed and monitored, however there is no cure. Many different illnesses, like high blood pressure and diabetes, cannot be cured; this is similar to how drug addiction can’t just disappear with the right care. With diabetes, people don’t consciously decide to contract the illness even though they didn’t work out or make wholesome food choices. The disease of substance abuse evolves to the point that it’s impossible to manage the cravings for drugs because it modifies the mind so much that choice isn’t a possibility anymore.

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