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Most addicts dread the withdrawal symptoms of their substance abuse even more than they do the effect of using. Withdrawal is not only horrible and uncomfortable, but it can be deadly for a select few people. Detoxing clients effectively and rapidly is the primary goal of detox centers. Detox cannot be confused for rehabilitation, as detox isn’t a cure to drug addiction. Detoxification is an efficient first step for recover if it is followed by an intensive rehab program.

Numerous unhealthy substances can build up in the body after continued substance consumption and abuse. Eliminating hazardous substances from the body is part of the detox process. However, detoxification is primarily about coping with the symptoms of withdrawal, and that scares addicts. As swiftly and as safely as possible, detoxification might focus on the relief of substance withdrawals, the slow reduction of the chemical, temporarily replacing the substance with a medication, or going cold turkey under supervision. If followed up by rehabilitation, detox is an efficient first step.

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